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A June passing. ..

   Tuesday June 22, 2021

I had a phone call this morning from Sam Band to let me know that Annie (Merle Anne) Chapman died yesterday.  Sam has been with her throughout her struggles with glioblastoma (scroll down for more info).  What started out as a crush in high school, blossomed into the love story of their lives in the last few years. I am imagining that Sam will need some support from classmates during this time . . . 

More details later. 

Two May Deaths . . .

It is my somber duty to report that two of our classmates died within a couple days of each other at the end of May 2021.

Barbara Balcolm Cappuccio on May 27th in Pompano Beach, Florida.  After graduating from Deering, Barbara attended the Mercy Hospital School of X-ray Technology and worked at New England Baptist Hospital and Deaconess Hospital.  She met Frank Cappuccio in Boston and they married in 1971.  In 2000 they moved to Pompano Beach. Alas, Frank died in 2002,

but Barbara remained in Florida and kept busy doing crossword puzzles, reading Stephen King novels and caring for her cats.  She is survived by a good friend William Coleman. Donations in Barbara's memory can be made to Boston Animal Rescue League, 10 Chandler Street, Boston, Ma 02116.

Brian (Huey) Briggs on May 29th in Portsmouth, NH. Brian attended University of Connecticut where he met and married his college sweetheart Mary Louise Connell.  After graduate work at Northeastern and Texas Tech University He spent more than 25 years as an Accounting Professor at Winona State University.  After 1970 Brian and Mary spent summers in Ogunquit and for more than 15 years wintered in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Brian enjoyed attending dance recitals, high school sports and parades in which his daughter Beth performed.  He is survived by Beth (now, Gooding)  and her husband Dr. Erik Gooding  and their three daughters as well as his wife of 56 years.  Donations can be made to Dana Farber Cancer Institute

News Briefs:

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from Jill Evans Davis:  New email = jilldavis434@gmail  Jill writes that she is a former high school teacher and a former police dispatcher.  She lives on Cape Cod and is recently widowed with no children.  I remember Jill from the band!

from Judith Durand Humphrey:  New email  =  Judith says she retired in June 2019 from Lemon Grove School District.  She has lived in San Diego, California for 43 years, longer than in Maine.  Her family moved north from Virginia in 1950.


from Bruce McAfee:  Bruce completed 5 rounds of radiation in April to shrink nodules in his lungs.  It has left him feeling very tired but be assured he has not lost his sense of humor!  He said to me, "Why didn't you tell me that smoking was bad for me?"

The doctors were optimistic and he will get a CAT scan in a few months to confirm results.  Home address is 176 Prospect Street, Portland, ME  04103. 


Eileen Brownell honored as Police Chaplain of the Year 2020

    Eileen explains that a Chico Police Chaplain does ride-a-longs with officers, provides depth notifications and also in her case, works with the Butte County Critical Incident Stress Management Team.  She also checks in on other police staff, works with families after suicides, drug overdoses and other deaths.  A Police Chaplain never knows what work she will be called to do each day.

    During the Camp Fire in November 2018 she worked 25 days with the coroners recovering bodies, with fire fighters, search and rescue and police and at the FEMA Center helping families who came in for assistance or to have their DNA tested to help to identify bodies.

    She says she loves her work and she is obviously good at it.  This is the second time she has been honored with the department's Chaplain of the Year Award! 

     Congratulations to Bruce and Marcia!

Bruce and Marcia McAfee

celebrated their 53rd anniversary on

Wednesday June 17th.

Bruce made sure the news made it into the Portland Press Herald

and that Marcia knew that she "meant everything to him!"


I spoke with Annie Chapman on the phone yesterday and she is in good spirits despite her diagnosis of glioblastoma and several rounds of radiation and chemo!  We laughed a lot! Her phone # is 207 807 6029 and her at home email is  You can also send a card to 7 Kathryn Street in Gorham 04038 but you will be missing out on a lot of great conversation if you choose to go that route!  She sent this picture so you will recognize her at the reunion!

Warren Titcomb 1945-2020


   Warren Titcomb died on July 13, 2020 after a long illness.  He and his wife TJ (Teri) had celebrated 50 years of marriage on April 21st.  Much of Warren's life reflected the Warren we knew at Deering.  "He was a long distance runner braving the heat and sun of the Phoenix area to compete in 10K runs and marathons." (see Mort Soule's remembrance below.)  Warren continued his love of music by learning to play classical guitar.  Even his occupation as a mental health therapist does not surprise for he always seemed a kind and gentle soul who "looked for and found the goodness and potential of each individual."

    In 1986 the Titcombs moved to Lancaster, PA where Warren sang in the choir of the 1st United Methodist Church.  He is survived by his wife  and a mother and two brothers Joel and Jason in Maine.  "At Warren's request there was no service.  He encourages friends to enjoy some good music, support a worthy cause, and think of him."   excerpts from Portland Press Herald 

Mort Soule remembers Warren. . .When I coached track at Deering, I would annually mention Warren's triumphs.  I made it clear to all how important work ethic and commitment to a strenuous training schedule were to becoming a successful long distance runner. Because of Warren's dedication, he would always place and sometimes win the mile and/or the two mile event.  The points that he got for the team were vital in close meets.  Thank you Warren.  Your contribution to Deering track benefited athletes long after you graduated!

Bonnie Thurlow Wright remembers Warren . . .When I started kindergarten at Reed School, I was so shy and cried and cried on the first day.  I remembered all the little chairs in a circle in the middle of the room and this boy with red hair got up out of his seat and came over to me and sat in the chair beside me and put his arm around me.   When I think back, that was such a kind gesture for a boy that age, especially during the late forties.  Rest in Peace, Warren.  You are my Knight in Shining Armor! 

Dawn Bonney '63 Same great gal a few years later! 

Service Image 2

First thing we want to do is say a big THANK YOU to DAWN BONNEY DERICE who has been keeping in touch with all of us for many years now! If you've been checking out our ABOUT page, you know that it's going to take two people to replace her. At least. We're counting on all of you to help us.  

In Memoriam . . . Jim Burns

   Jim Burns passed away on January 4th, 2020.  In the last two years he had suffered from Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia.  Many of us who live locally were able to attend his Memorial Service at Temple Beth El on January 7th.  As is often the case, we learned some things about Jim that we hadn't realized.  We knew already he was the best ever Philadelphia lawyer and that he gave his family and the step-family he acquired from his wife Martha  top priority in his life.  Some of us knew that his first best friend was Barry Zimmerman who lived upstairs in Jim's early home on Forest Avenue.  Barry was scheduled to undergo surgery on that day and unable to attend Jim's service.  I did not even know that Jim had a younger brother and older sister.


   We were surprised by the depth of Jim's feeling for Maine.  His college roommate said that he often proselytized for the Pine Tree State.  I wonder how many of us have.  I know one evening in South Hadley, MA I was singing all those Maine songs we learned in junior high and high school and an upperclass woman from South Portland leaned out of 3rd story dorm window and yelled down " Hey, who are you?

Tell us your "I'm from Maine story."

photos supplied by Martha Burns

   Jim often regaled his family with the Deering Fight Song!"  We were invited to join in singing  "Be loyal to the Purple" at the end of Jim's service by the wonderfully inclusive Rabbi Carolyn Braun.

    Who knew that one of his favorite shirts was emblazoned, "Born in Maine, Living in Exile?"

     How wonderful that Jim was able to spend his last two decades in Maine. He was a sternman for Martha's father on weekly lobstering trips.  He and Martha went on many walks through the village of South Freeport where they lived.  Jim skied Mount Abram and Shawnee Peak.  

     His other special place was his condo on Grand Beach in OOB.  He was especially fond of eating fried clams at nearby Ken's Place.  If you come to Maine this summer and if you eat at Ken's, be sure to ask for the special homemade tartar sauce. . . Jim's favorite!

    Martha courageously spoke at Jim's funeral.  She felt compelled to make a plea for an Alzheimers's cure and suggested that a donation to that cause would be a fitting tribute to Jim.  Who knows how many of us will face a similar challenge in our future?. ..  We will miss Jim.        MA 

Enjoying retirement. . .


Len Berman writes that he and his wife are relaxing these days and do whatever they feel up to.  They enjoy Red Claws and Seadog games . . .look for them there!

Merle Ann (Annie) Chapman recently underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor.  She is rehabbing right now to strengthen her left leg and hoping to be home next week.  Cards or notes can be addressed to her at 7 Kathryn Street in Gorham, ME 04038. Thanks to Sam Band for submitting this info.




Barbara Ryland is our first contributor to the site. She is a grandmother for the first time, and she travelled to Australia to meet Sammy, her new grandson. Here's a link to her blog about her trip: