In Person Reunion on
October 16th 2021
Luncheon  (1-4PM) at Bruno's

You may have some questions like. . .

Why a luncheon?  

We have been hearing from more and more people that they are not so comfortable driving at night.  Let's try meeting in the afternoon now before they just decide they can no longer attend.
Why Bruno's?
Bruno's is especially convenient for folks with mobility issues. There is a ramp leading from the tavern to this downstairs location as well as a ground floor entrance from the parking lot.
Do I need to be vaccinated?
It is our hope that everyone who can do so safely will be up-to-date with current CDC guidelines including a booster shot if required in the fall.  Here in Maine it has become clear that an outbreak is not a fun way to remember a party.

For any other questions you may have, please email Muriel & Terry Allen from the contact section of this website.  Also look for 
more details being sent
directly to your email address.

We hope you will join us!


    Nearly thirty 75+ year olds gathered for an online DHS reunion last fall. I think we should be very proud to have tamed our electronic devices enough to connect with each other virtually! The group included many that often hadn't been able to attend:  Bruce Jones from Minnesota, William Morse McNeil from Florida (who it turns out was in Vietnam with Sam Band from Gorham).  There was a trio from California: Eileen Brownell from Chico, Julian Orr from Pescadero, and Rick Waxman from Sonoma as well as local regulars like Mort Soule,  Bruce McAfee and Bonnie Thurlow.  Sherri Bryan sang "Be Loyal to the Purple" at 7 PM, but  committee members were surprised that the conversation lasted until 8 PM for many attenders.  Topics ranged from wildfires to covid masks and stay well strategies to memories of DHS!  Terry and I are grateful for all the help we received from the committee: Tom & Diana Allen, Dawn Derice, Chris McDuffie, and Nancy Clinton.   

Last Reunion Was A Zoom Call . . . Wish You Were There!

  Saturday October 3, 2020


Can you identify all these  folks from your class?  Complimentary glass of wine for the first  correct response!


Photos by Bonnie Thurlow Wright

John Small was the winner of our contest!  No big surprise because he has been keeping track of us for years through relocations, name changes, illnesses and recoveries, celebrations and losses.  Alas never a wine drinker, he says his favorite drink these days is water!  We will show up at his house (gloved and masked, of course) and surprise him with a bottle of Perrier!

Some blasts from the past. . .


Shots from the 50th thanks to Gary Curtis


Can you name these folks?  Don't you wish everyone had name tags?


Don't you wish everyone could be at the reunion?

DHS '63 Gals Dinner Group on Long Island at age 50

pics by Chris McDuffie 

Voted Most Likely To Be Recognized at the 60th Reunion

We think this gal looks pretty much like she did in 1963.  Which guy pictured here would you say that about?

Bring your spouse or significant other. We'd love to meet them!

Give Us Your Reunion Feedback

It's all open to change after this year. What are your ideas for venues, time of day, cost, menu. To give us feedback, go to the contact page.